Sima Electric Blue Silk Scarf

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Name: Sima

Colour: Electric Blue

Size: 135cmx135cm

Material: 100% silk satin chiffon.

Digitally mastered: in London.

 Price: £250

The Artist’s description:


Electric blue has been utilized in this piece to offer a striking and modern element to original art piece “Sima. A daring and shocking colour to ensure you’re the center of attention. The street cool hues add a twist to the decadent silk satin chiffon and can lend itself to even the edgiest outfits.


Likewise, the blue would add depth and certainly shake up any wall if stretched and displayed. The electric and neon tones of the piece work symbiotically with the postmodern architectural patterns and shapes featured on the scarf. If you combine the luxury of the fabric, the artistry of the pattern and the vibrancy of the colour you have yourself a piece that truly speaks to the 21st Century woman.

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Nariman Fadakar is a London-based contemporary artist. Nariman uses a visionary blend of graffiti, fine art and architectural techniques including oils, acrylic paint, airbrush, photography and collage, realised on a variety of canvases.

Nariman’s work is characterised by the use of strong colours, with a vibrancy inspired by Iranian family and cultural life. He studied at the Chelsea College of Art and Design and graduated from London Metropolitan University in Design Studies.