Silhouette 20 “New wave” Sold

New wave is Berlin and London based artist Nariman Fadakar’s current collection of work. With a reputation for evocative paintings which portray the fluidity of the external world and our internal world through silhouettes of dancers.

Silhouette 20 – New Wave displays the profile of a ballet dancer, inside her a pattern of architectual  two point perspective – the figure is pushing away nature by creating a linear world which is within her. ‘This is a symbolic depiction of our current time, the wild and freeness of nature being pushed aside by the silhouette, our presence as human family intruding on a natural order’ says Nariman.

Influenced by Art Nouveau and Art Deco masters Mucha, Klimt and Erte, Nariman has carved a new style by combining this style with bright ‘pop art’ colours, architectural methods and UV reactive paint. Nariman’s paintings convey a relationship between the human self and nature which is both connected and disconnected.

‘The eye set behind the dancer in Silhouette 20 – New Wave   represents the true self’ says Nariman. ‘The true self is an observer sitting in silence with all the knowledge and wisdom of knowing the act of our human experience on Earth.’

Size: 100×70 cm

Medium:  300 gram Card, gold leafing, copper leafing, acrylic paint, UV reactive.

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