Nariman Fadakar will showcase his best art designs in Cielo Gallery in Mayfair.

Working to raise funds for St John’s Hospice, a percentage of the sales will be donated to the hospice.

The theme of this exhibition is life, nature and symbolisms, producing ‘Natural Euphoria’.

Fadakar, a modern artist, where through his work he takes the mind for a walk – Contemporary art!

Cielo Gallery,

3 New Burlington Street,

Mayfair, London W1S 2JF.

Exhibition Dates: 7th July -20th July 2011

Launch: Friday 8th July, 6pm till late

Opening times: Monday-Friday 12pm till late

Weekends: 12pm-5pm

Nariman Fadakar is a Notting Hill, London based visionary artist.

He possesses distinctive and globally recognized skills as a Contemporary Artist, an Interior Designer and Photographer.

Having attended Chelsea College of Art and Design where his natural talent became more refined and he perfected these skills after graduating with a BA Honours from London Guildhall University.

Nariman has a unique and vivid conceptual approach to his work.

His greatest influences in life are projected on to his work. He is a true believer of Nature and holding on to values and honesty in today’s society. Nariman was in search of the meaning of life. ‘Our own mind is our own enemy’ he self claims. ‘There is no meaning; everything is exactly how it should be’. Through his contemporary vision, he aims to give an explanation of the meaning of life, or rather the true essence of now, by painting thoughts, feelings and symbolisms. He believes we are confusing reality with what is now and the picture we have of reality, in our minds. Through his work he aims to take us to a calm place, a euphoric state of mind, in contradiction with the chaos inside.

For his paintings, Nariman uses an array of techniques including oils, acrylic paint, airbrush and collage to produce a mixture of Graffiti and Fine Art; and his photographic pieces are a composition of pictures put together and presented printed on glass with strong and intense colours to catch a feeling, an emotion. For more information contact :